As you take damage from heat, explosions, falling objects or electricity, the screen will start to turn red. Too much damage,
and you’ll pass out and fail the mission. Retreat to a safe area without any heat to recover your stamina.


Aside from the main task of extinguishing fires, the primary goal of firefighting is to save lives. Throughout your missions, you will often
come across victims of the fires who need your help. These victims may even be your fellow firefighters. Once a victim is located, you will see
an icon above their head indicating their general health. Unless they are unconscious or wounded and need to be carried to safety, victims
will be able to find their own way out. However, they aren’t wearing protective turnout gear and will need your help clearing a path for
them. If a victim passes out, you can attempt to revive them by looking directly at them and then press the Interact Button when it appears
on the Touch Screen. Pay attention to how a victim is acting or what they are saying. They may be able to help you get them out alive!

Interacting with objects

Looking at certain objects will make different icons appear in the middle of the top screen. These icons show you how an object can
be used. At the same time the Interact Button appears on the Touch Screen with the same icon on it. Tap the button with the stylus to
interact with the object. Some of the icons include:

This icon will appear when you can use an object, such as buttons and valves, ladders and ropes, or when you can revive or carry a
victim. Tap the Interact Button on the Touch Screen when this icon appears.

Some larger objects can be pushed out of the way. When this icon appears, push against the object by moving into the object.


There are two types of unlockables in Real Heroes: Firefighter: Fire Cause Determinators (FCDs) and Tools.

Though generally the work of the fire investigator, you’ll have the chance to help Discover how the fires started. In
each mission there are three FCDs to be found. Each one will unlock a piece of the puzzle in the Captain’s Office inside
the Fire Station. Once all three are found, you’ll discover the origin of the fire.

Also be on the lookout for special pieces of equipment. Each mission has one unique tool unlockable. Though they act
the same as your current tools, it’s much more fun hacking through doors with a stylish axe! You can change your
equipment in the Garage in the Fire Station.


During your tour of duty, the Fire Station will be your home away from home. You will return to the Fire Station after
every mission. There are three areas that make up the Fire Station: the Rec Room, the Captain’s Office and the Garage.
Tap the side arrows with the stylus on the Touch Screen, or press the L and R Button to move from room to room.

From here, select the lockers to view collectibles from each mission, or select the television to view the game’s credits.

By selecting the file cabinet, you can see your progress collecting the various FCDs in each mission. The ‘Talk Talk
9000’ on the Captain’s desk will allow you to change some control and sound options.

The bulletin board allows you to play or replay any mission you’ve already unlocked. You can switch between any
unlocked special tools in the equipment lockers. Select the fire truck to resume playing where you last left off.