Other than your training and your firefighter squad mates, your tools will be your best friends in the middle of a fire.

The pick head axe is one of your most important and versatile pieces of equipment. Great for chopping wooden beams, doors,
crates, ventilating windows…just about anything that gets in your way. You’ll always carry your axe throughout the missions.

Like the axe, your Halligan will never leave your side. A very versatile tool, few locked doors and panels can
withstand the prying action of a well placed Halligan.

Perfect for smaller fires or for use around electricity. Be careful though, as each extinguisher has a limited amount of fire repellant.
Pay attention to the gauge on the Touch Screen, and be prepared to refill your extinguisher at an extinguisher pick up box.

The 13/4 firefighting hose is your best friend for fire control. Delivering water at high pressures, it is used extensively
for fire attack and search and rescue operations. By tapping the Spray Mode Icon on the Touch Screen, the nozzle can
be switched between two different stream types: fog and stream. The stream nozzle allows you to hit a distant target
with greater power while the fog nozzle covers a larger area but with a more limited range. Although you’ll have an
unlimited supply of water, hoses need to be attached to a water supply, so if you get too far away from your supply,
you’ll run out of hose. This is indicated by the hose icon on the Touch Screen flashing red. Use a hose pick up box to
grab a new hose.

The spreaders are attached to a self contained generator unit, and are used primarily for extricating trapped
victims in areas that cannot otherwise be accessed. In other words, you’re ripping off car doors and prying
open crushed metal with 12,000 pounds of spreading force.

The rotary saw provides firefighters with cutting power that replaces hundreds of axe blows. When you need
to make a new door where there isn’t a door, the rotary saw will come in handy.